Brand Introduction:

Mahindra Happinest is a real estate company that offers affordable and sustainable housing solutions to the middle-income segment. With a focus on delivering quality homes that are both eco-friendly and economically viable, Mahindra Happinest has established itself as a trusted brand in the Indian real estate market.

Challenge :

Mahindra Happinest, located in Kalyan, was facing challenges in generating verified leads and decreasing their non-contacted ratio. They required a platform to manage all follow-ups, site visits, and customer data in a central point.

Execution :

Team Abstract provided a solution by generating and delivering leads on a real-time basis and implementing the Abstract CRM. Tele-callers were notified to dial within 10 minutes of a lead being tagged in the system, which helped Mahindra Happinest reduce their non-contacted ratio by up to 40% and increase their connectivity ratio by up to 65%. The Abstract CRM has over 50 features, each helping the pre-sales team to improve productivity and generate more site visits. AI ZIA, in particular, helped to predict the quality score of leads.

Results :

Mahindra Happinest generated over 2800+ leads in a month, with a connectivity ratio of more than 65%. As a result, the company saw a significant improvement in their lead conversion rates and achieved their sales targets with ease.


Leads in a month


Connectivity ratio increased


Non-contacted ratio decreased

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