Brand Introduction:

Labdhi Zolo is a premium real estate project located in the bustling area of Wadala. The project boasts of modern amenities and luxurious features, making it an ideal investment opportunity for those seeking high-end living spaces. With state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable design, Labdhi Zolo promises a comfortable and convenient lifestyle to its residents.

Challenge :

Team Labdhi was tasked with creating a dynamic landing page and running a Google Ads campaign to attract HNI clients and potential investors for the Labdhi Zolo project in Wadala, which had a minimum investment of 98 lakhs. The challenge was to deliver a minimum of 30 qualified leads daily. The team had to navigate the competitive real estate market and create a unique strategy to target the right audience and maximize ROI. The stakes were high, as the success of the campaign would determine the future of the Labdhi Zolo project and establish it as one of the best investment opportunities in India


Team Abstract tackled the challenge of driving traffic for high-net-worth individuals interested in investing in the Labdhi Zolo project by creating a dynamic landing page and running a successful Google Ads campaign. The campaign required constant optimization and refinement to deliver expected results. The team also created a unique ROI calculator to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness. Overall, the strategy was highly complex and required a deep understanding of the target audience and the real estate market. The success of the campaign was a testament to the team’s ability to execute sophisticated marketing strategies.

The campaign emphasized four key guarantees: Happiness Guaranteed, Investment Growth Guaranteed, Quality Guaranteed, and Luxe Life Guaranteed. Each guarantee was showcased through a series of creative ads featuring catchy slogans, colorful visuals, and engaging storytelling.

The campaign was launched across multiple digital platforms, including social media, email marketing, and display advertising.

Results :

Our campaign for Labdhi Zolo project located in Wadala delivered outstanding results by driving highly qualified traffic with a significantly lower bounce rate and higher average time spent on site by users. Through our strategic approach of regularly enhancing and improvising the targeted audience with the right messaging, we were able to consistently deliver a high number of qualified leads. Additionally, the innovative investment ROI calculator we created helped us to increase leads quantity even further. Our efforts resulted in a successful campaign that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, providing them with a significant boost in sales and a solid return on investment.

Regular optimization of targeted audience and messaging resulted in expected results.


Increased qualified


Decreased bounce


Increase in
leads count

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