Brand Introduction:

Eternia Space is a real estate project located in the picturesque and serene location of Karjat. The project offers spacious and luxurious homes that boast of stunning views and top-of-the-line amenities.

Challenge :

The Karjat location is primarily known for its natural beauty, holiday homes and weekend getaways. The challenge was to convince potential homebuyers that investing in a home in Karjat was a smart decision and that Eternia Space offered the best value for their money.


The digital agency Abstract developed the campaign “Aakar Toh Dekho” to showcase the exceptional and spacious homes offered by Eternia Space. The campaign highlighted the bigger carpet area and sundeck that came with each home, as well as the stunning views of the surroundings. This helped generate verified leads and urged potential buyers to visit the site.

Results :

The “Aakar Toh Dekho” campaign was a success, generating over 3800 leads in just one month. The number of walk-ins increased significantly, with over 500 potential buyers visiting the site. Demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign in attracting the right audience and generating interest in Eternia Space’s luxurious homes in Karjat.

Conversion rate increased by 4.5X times compared to previous campaigns.


Verified Leads generated


Walk-ins to the site

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