Top Factors Indicating Importance of Website Usability & UI design

The ultimate goal of any online business is their customer’s satisfaction by offering them pleasant website user experience. To achieve the goal, you need to develop outstanding website user interface by hiring expert UI/UX designer where a user can easily navigate and get the most of benefits from the application. One of the crucial sources of contact for a customer is a website.

Usability has far reaching consequences on business than goal achievement – it improves the objective of visitor convertibility. For example, when a website makes use of Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, usability helps in improving the quality score and conversion, thus improving the overall customer acquisition cost. It also helps improve the action rate as the customer understands the website, product, service or content.

But what factors make a site the centre of attention for customers and also improve usability? This article will provide a number of guidelines to do just that:

Ultimately, all these Usability Factors impact your ability to help customers meet needs:


1.Website Accessibility

Web accessibility here means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the website. This includes benefiting from its information, resources, etc.

2.Readable Navigation & Layout:

Visitors should be able to navigated through your website easily. It is very important how quickly and easily a visitor can find what they’re looking for through tools such as a navigation bar, breadcrumbs, menus, buttons, etc. that are designed to help guide them to their goals or answer specific questions.

3.Prioritize mobile-friendly UI:

Even the searches on the internet through mobile devices have increased from 15% in 2003 to 55% at present. This stat might vary by industry but truth is that mobile devices are ruling the way people used to search on the internet. If you wish to sustain your business, you really need to revamp your internet availability by leveraging responsive web app development.

4.Highlight Visuals:

People’s attention spans continue to shrink so you’ve got very little time to get your online visitor to focus on your site. Luckily, we process images at a much faster rate than text so using visuals to showcase the experience at your property or what each page is about will enhance your visitors’ understanding of the page.

5.Fast Loading Web Pages:

As mentioned in the above point, users quickly leave pages if they are not captivated by their content. Now imagine how quickly users will leave a web page if that content takes very long to load! Such is the importance of fast loading web pages that Google have introduced site speed in their search ranking algorithm. If a company provides opinions and testimonials on the website, then it will create positive impression brand on a consumer.

6.Accessible & Informative Website:

It’s important to make sure you are organizing your site and its flow of information properly. Having a well-organized, easy to use, and appealing website better engages your customers, which ultimately increases your conversion rate. That means more business for you! Make your product’s usability top notch, and you’ll be sure to create a significant impact on your bottom line.

7.Gain Credibility:

Should I trust this website? This is the question, every person visiting your website have when they reach to your website through a search engine, social media etc. The credibility impacts directly to the conversion rate and your ability to generate leads and sale.

Bottom Line:

Finally, test, test, and test. A plethora of website usability tools exist. Never underestimate the value of testing from an early stage. By working out where users click, for example, you’ll be well on track to learning their ways and how usable your site is.