Top 5 Benefits of Using Multilingual Digital Marketing Content Strategy


For online marketers, it is their dream to sell their products globally, and being a digital marketer if you have your client base in the locations other than ‘English Speaking’ countries, it’s time you should think of Multilingual Digital Marketing. Now in 2019, multilingual digital marketing is going to be a great part of digital marketing and selling technique. 

Though out of the total 195 countries in the world, 67 nations use English as their primary language, and there are 27 countries where English is used as a secondary ‘official’ language, there is first and foremost benefit if your product is being introduced to the entirely new audience in their localized language.

Top Five Benefits of Investing in Multilingual Digital Marketing:

Helps Penetrate Widespread Markets –

Multilingual promotion opens up new business markets. If you want to grow your customer base in apparently fast manner, investing in other relevant languages can be the fruitful and ideal next step. This would bring you the recognition and help you to gain the small market popularity in the new territory and lead you to more opportunities over time.

When you look at the stats, it becomes quite apparent that while English accounts for more than 50% of the content on the internet, only 27% of global internet users are English-speaking as their native language.

This means that, theoretically, more than 70% of a target market could be being excluded by focusing only on an English-driven approach to digital marketing.

Rapidly Growing Number of Internet Users –

There is a diversity of languages used on the internet. As more people purchase gadgets that can access the internet, the number of internet users will keep increasing rapidly. With so many languages becoming available, the need for businesses to translate their website has become paramount. 

Besides, selling to people in other languages other than your own not only promotes business growth but allows consumers from other countries to appreciate what you offer. Also, a multilingual website is cost-effective as it allows you to reach a wider number of people in your target market around the world.

Enables Your Brand to Rise Above Competitors –

With this technique just beyond marketing, you can win the heart of the consumers of the location, and that would give you a considerable juncture to expand your business with little to no direct competition. 

Being one of the companies that develop multilingual digital marketing strategies, you will put your company in an advantageous status that makes easier for you to get a larger market share away from home.

Enhances User Experience –

It is not a secret that customers will normally respond best to marketing that is addressing them in their own language. If any of us were to read up on a product or service in a second language, it is highly likely that we would lose interest or possibly misunderstand part of the content being provided. 

These individuals are the decision makers and if you are not speaking to those who are making the purchases, you are not targeting the right audiences.

Going Multilingual is Cost Effective –

When it comes to digital, there is the real possibility to build an effective business in new territories without having a physical on-the-ground presence. With the right team who understands international SEO, the need to launch a multilingual website and create content targeted to each territory, all multi-territory activities can be controlled from one central location.

Further down the line, you may decide to open a physical office, warehouse, or distribution centre in one or more of these new areas. 

This, of course, means adopting an international digital marketing strategy can be very cost-effective, especially when directly compared with the approach which would be needed to further grow a market share at home.

Bottom Line –

By translating and localizing your message, you will be able to develop a strategy that uses multiple channels that streamlines your online marketing strategy into a more universal message. Creating and implementing a multilingual marketing strategy will make sure that you have your share of the marketplace.