Most Common Myths and Misconceptions related to Digital Marketing


There are countless myths surrounding digital marketing do’s and don’ts. The important thing to remember is that digital marketing, though still in its infancy, is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity as the shift towards digital expands.

The marketing industries has evolved into a very complex and globally encompassing entity offering players with a wider and even broader range of options and channels where they can reach and connect with consumers on a global scale. This would not have been possible without modern online tools like the Internet and Digital Marketing.

Here are Most Common Myths and Misconceptions About Digital Marketing –

SEO is Outdated –

There’s a buzz among many people that SEO is now dead. However, it’s far from the actual truth. SEO is very much alive and is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

This common notion among people has been doing rounds because Google has changed the way it ranks websites entirely over the past few years. It’s true that Google has changed the way it ranks the websites, but it’s only to keep the old spammy SEO techniques away.

Misjudge the potential of digital marketing –

Everyone who is looking for any product or service will most likely chase for it online. Hence, it does not matter whether you are selling smartphones or toilet brushes.

People will search for it on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. However, in today’s digital world, it is not recommended to market your product or service online – it is necessary.

Owning a website is enough for digital marketing –

This is another popular digital marketing myth that people generally believe in, although this is not true. It doesn’t matter if your website is a visual delight, but if it doesn’t contain good content updated regularly, then it might not deliver the results you are looking for.

If you want to attain success in digital marketing, you need to make sure that apart from being a visual delight your website also must contain engaging content.

You can use various tools like Google Analytics or any other analytics tool to get a better idea of how you can improve.

Website Traffic leads to higher conversion rate –

Quality vs quantity is a proverb that certainly applies to digital marketing. A digital marketing campaign should be focused and targeted to defined consumers who are searching for the products or services you offer.

While you can work to attract hundreds of visitors to your site each day, your efforts will be in vain if the visitors are not consumers looking for your products or services. This is an important factor of any successful website that should be kept in mind before deciding to dedicate time and resources to an online marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing can build brands overnight –

This is another digital marketing myths that people popularly believe in. While some methods, like PPC ads and Facebook ads, might have a short-term effect on your digital marketing efforts, achieving overnight success from digital marketing is far from the truth.

Digital marketing generally takes time to be effective. For instance, if you post content on your website, Google takes some time to index it, and then rank is based on the SEO techniques you use. After which comes to link building and at last, comes social sharing and other methods.

All these techniques, starting from getting indexed in search engines, to getting shared in social media takes time. 

Cross-platform marketing efforts are not essential –

Not true. While you can certainly survive as a business by focusing on one particular element of your digital marketing practice, having an impactful presence in as many platforms as possible is what will really boost your efforts. The days of having a website and getting on with your traditional marketing are over now –it’s all about increasing your reach. Directing efforts on mobile, social media, search and more is an easy way of pushing your brand and your product and increasing the likelihood of getting more engagement.

Conclusion –

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